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Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme
Essential Info
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami

Release Dates
PlayStation 2September 21, 2004


Song List

70 songs

190 - PARANOiA Max (Dirty Mix)
4 Strings - Diving
Afrika Bambaataa & Paul Oakenfold - Planet Rock (Swordfish Radio Edit)
Akira Yamaoka - i feel...
Akira Yamaoka & Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Your Rain (Rage Mix)
B3 Project - Theme from Enter the Dragon (Notorious Mix)
BeForU - Firefly
BT - Simply Being Loved (Somnambulist)
Bus Stop - Kick the Can
Captain Jack - Only You
Captain T - La SeƱorita
Caramel S. - So In Love
Cli-Max - Maximizer
d-complex - Ecstasy (midnight blue mix)
d-complex - Ecstasy
Darude - Music (Bostik Radio Edit)
De-Sire - Trip Machine (Survivor)
De-Sire - Trip Machine
DJ AC-DC - Never Ending Story (cover of Limahl)
DJ Amuro - A
dj naguero - Peace-Out
DJ Simon - 321STARS
DJ Spunga - Bad Routine
dj TAKA - .59
dj TAKA - Absolute
dj TAKA - Frozen Ray (for EXTREME)
dj TAKA - Love Love Sugar
dj TAKA - V (for EXTREME)
Duran Duran - The Reflex
Factor X - Wild Rush
Factor X - Wild Rush (From Nonstop Megamix)
Faith Hill - There You'll Be
Funk Kid - Funk Boogie
Heather - You're Not Here
Jennifer Lopez - Waiting for Tonight
Jonny Dynamite! - On the Jazz
Junior Senior - Move Your Feet
Kim Wilde - Kids in America
Kiyommy + Seiya - Pink Rose
Kool & the Gang - Ladies' Night
Madonna - Like a Virgin
Mitsu-O - Make it Better
Mustache Men - Do Me (H.I.G.E.O. Mix)
Mutsuhiko Izumi - Jet World
N.M.R. - Keep On Movin'
Naoki - B4U (B4 Za Beat Mix)
Naoki - B4U
Naoki - Can't Stop Fallin' In Love (Speed Mix)
Naoki & Paula Terry - Memories
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
NM - Higher (next morning mix)
NM - Higher
NM - Highs Off U (Scorccio XY Mix)
NW260 - Drop Out
NW260 - Drop Out (From Nonstop Megamix)
Orange Lounge - MOBO * MOGA
Pet Shop Boys - Go West
Popula Demand - Don't Clock Me
RevenG & De-Sire - Tsugaru (Apple Mix)
RevenG & De-Sire - Tsugaru
Scotty D. - Drop The Bomb
Shawn the Horny Master - Scorching Moon
Sho-T - A Stupid Barber
Slake - I'm For Real
St. Jannaro - Miracle
STM 200 - PARANOiA Eternal
T.E.M.P.O. - Janejana
Village People - Y.M.C.A.
X-Treme - Wonderland (UKS Mix)
ZZ - The legend of MAX

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