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Dance Dance Revolution X

Dance Dance Revolution X
Essential Info
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami

Release Dates
PlayStation 2September 16, 2008


Song List

74 songs

2MB - Pluto Relinquish
Alien Six - Reach Up
Alien Six - We Come Alive
Audio Magnetics - Ghetto Blasta Deluxe
Babamars - We've Got To Make It Tonight
Bill Hamel & Kevens - Dance Celebration (System 7 Remix)
Bill Hamel & Kevens - Dance Celebration
Bill Hamel & Jules Mari - Playa (Original Mix)
Bill Hamel - Swingin' (cover of Blu Cantrell)
Black-Hole - Pluto
Bob Sinclar - Sound of Freedom
Book of Love - Boy (DJ Irene Rockstar Mix)
Cheki-ROWS - GIRIGILI Burning 24H!
Daisuke Asakura - Stealth
Daisuke Asakura & Terra - Switch
Darwin - Dream Machine
Darwin - On the Break
Darwin - Why not
DDT - Waiting 4 U
DJ Inhabit - Beats 'n Bangs (Xmix2)
DJ Inhabit - Overcrush (Xmix5)
DJ Jiggens - Linear Momentum (Xmix4)
DJ Jiggens - Midnight Dawn (Xmix1)
DJ Nagi - Stomp Dem Groove (Xmix3)
DJ Yoshitaka - Bloody Tears (IIDX Edition)
DKC Crew - Inspiration
DKC Crew - Taj He Spitz (Tommie Sunshines Brooklyn Fire Re-Touch)
DKC Crew - Taj He Spitz
Dub Pistols - Open
Edun - Put 'Em Up
The Epoxies - Synthesized
Fischerspooner - Happy
Fracus - Shades Of Grey
Harmony Machine - Slip Out (bounce in beat mix)
Harmony Machine - Slip Out
The Hush Sound - Wine Red (Tommie Sunshines Brooklyn Fire Re-Touch)
iconoclasm - Votum stellarum (forest #25 DDR RMX)
Jena Rose - Flight of the Phoenix
Jena Rose - Ticket to Bombay
jun with Alison - SUNKISS <3 DROP
Junk Circuit - Make Me Cry
Masanori Akita - TimeHollow
MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This
Me & My - Dub-I-Dub (2008 X-Edit)
The Motion Sick - 30 Lives (Up-Up-Down-Dance Mix)
Mr. Saturn - Saturn
Naoki - Poseidon
nc & Hardcore Nation - SOUL CRASH
neuras & Yurai - Dance Floor
neuras - On the Bounce
neuras & Gatz - Take A Chance
Neuropa - Feel
Nippon Shounen - Puzzle
OK Go - Here It Goes Again
Or-if-is - Horatio
Ozomatli - Here We Go
PAPAYA - HERO (2008 X-edit)
Purefocus - Big Girls Don't Cry (cover of Fergie)
Ruffage & Size - Tracers (4Beat Remix)
S&K - GET UP'N MOVE (2008 X-edit) - Boys (2008 X-Edit) - Butterfly (2008 X-Edit)
Sonic-coll. & Frances Maya - Flourish
Sonic-coll. - Trigger
TAG - SABER WING (Akira Ishihara Headshot Mix)
Tatsh & Yoko - Trust (DanceDanceRevolution Mix)
Tatsh & SN 2 Style - Uranus
Tatsh & RayZY - Venus
Tommy Sunshine - Party Lights
Veeton - S.A.G.A.
wolli - Lift You Up
Z-licious - Till The Lonely's Gone
Zektbach - Blind Justice ~Torn Souls, Hurt Faiths~

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