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Dance Dance Revolution MAX2

Dance Dance Revolution MAX2
Essential Info
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami

Release Dates
PlayStation 2September 23, 2003


Song List

66 songs

2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone (R-C Extended Club Mix)
2MB - PARANOiA (Kcet Clean Mix)
4 Strings - Take Me Away (Into the Night) (Radio Vocal)
Akira Yamaoka - i feel...
BeForU - DIVE (More Deep & Deeper Style)
Captain Jack - Dream a Dream
Captain Jack - In The Navy (99 XXL Disaster Remix) (cover of Village People)
Chel Y. - Forever Sunshine
The Crystal Method - Busy Child
De-Sire - Trip Machine (SP Jungle Mix)
Dirty Vegas - Days Go By
Divas - Secret Rendezvous
DJ Alligator - The Whistle Song (Blow My Whistle Baby)
dj naguero - Keep On Liftin'
DJ Sammy - Heaven (cover of Bryan Adams)
DJ Spunga - Bad Routine
dj TAKA & Naoki - Kakumei
dj TAKA - Tomorrow Perfume
DJ.Rich & Tail Bros. - Super Star (From Nonstop Megamix)
DJ.Rich & Tail Bros. - Super Star
The Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin'
Dr.VIBE & JP Miles - Don't Stop! (AMD 2nd Mix)
Earth, Wind and Fire - Let's Groove
Final Offset - Jam & Marmalade
Fixx - Vanity Angel
Good-Cool - I Was The One
Good-Cool - Spin the Disc
Ian Van Dahl - Will I?
Jocelyn Enriquez - A Little Bit of Ecstasy
KC and the Sunshine Band - Get Down Tonight
KTZ - AM-3P (AM EAST mix)
Kylie Minogue - Love at First Sight
L.E.D. & Sana - The Shining Polaris
Lange & Skye - Drifting Away
Mr.T & Motoaki.F - Burning Heat! (3 Option Mix)
Mr.T - Xenon
N.M.R. - Celebrate Nite (Euro Trance Style)
N.M.R. - Celebrate Nite
Naoki - Can't Stop Fallin' In Love
Naoki - D2R
Naoki & Paula Terry - Destiny
Naoki - Hysteria
Naoki - Still In My Heart
NM & Ebony Fay - Rain of Sorrow
NO.9 - End Of The Century
Okuyatos - Kind Lady
RevenG - Afronova
RevenG & De-Sire - Tsugaru
S.F.M.P. - Try 2 Luv. U
sAmi - Think Ya Better D
Sho-T & Brenda - Groove
Silvertear - So Deep (Perfect Sphere Remix)
Sota & Ebony Fay - Do It Right
Supa Fova & Jenny F. - I Need You
TaQ - Radical Faith
Tenth Planet - Ghosts (Vincent De Moor Original Mix)
Thomas Howard - Silent Hill (3rd Christmas mix)
Thomas Howard - Silent Hill
Togo Project & Sana - More Deep (ver. 2.1)
Uzi-Lay - Put Your Faith In Me
Vinyl Baby - Lovin' You (Rob Searle Club Mix)
Vivian - Conga Feeling
Youhei Shimizu - Feeling Of Love
Z - Maxx Unlimited

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