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7/19: Soundgarden!

Soundgarden - BadmotorfingerSoundgarden has been away from Rock Band for a while since "Spoonman" didn't export from Rock Band 2, but this week brings six new Soundgarden songs to Rock Band 3. "Rusty Cage" and "Burden in My Hand" will be coming to the game, and "Pretty Noose", already downloadable content, will be receiving a Pro Guitar and Bass upgrade. More details, including track list and pricing, after the jump.

The Soundgarden songs this week are:

  • Blow Up the Outside World
  • Burden in My Hand
  • Fell on Black Days
  • Outshined
  • Rusty Cage
  • The Day I Tried to Live
Celebrating Soundgarden On Tour 2011 Pack will be available for 800MSP ($9.99, 1000 Wii Points) with individual tracks at 160MSP ($1.99, 200 Wii Points) each. Additionally, "Burden in My Hand", "Outshined", and "The Day I Tried to Live" will have Pro Guitar and Bass upgrades available for 80MSP ($0.99, 100 Wii Points) each. Legacy Soundgarden DLC song "Pretty Noose" will also be receiving a Pro Guitar and Bass upgrade. All six tracks will be available for purchase starting Tuesday, July 19th on XBox 360, PS3, and Wii.

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